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How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Think about how you might react when meeting someone new. Many people fall into the trap of seriously down-playing their strengths and business skills. Or – would you be the type of person who could launch into a detailed account of your job seeking status? That’s the type of person you should aspire to be.

Track Your Accomplishments To Advance Your Career

By Kurt Kirton During the time I worked in the music business—for two record labels and two music dot-com’s—I had a great boss I worked for at three of those four companies. I remember during a walk around our block of downtown Nashville one day his encouraging me to always log my accomplishments. Sometimes after

Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch

When networking probably one of the most hated exercises is standing up and giving your elevator pitch or commercial.  Even when given guidance on what to say, we seem to mumble through a bunch of words that tend to go on, and on, and on.  Trust me, I’ve been there, and you probably have to. 


Have you ever said to yourself that you are not an artist because you cannot draw a thing…not even a straight line? Well guess what? I say there is an artist in each of us. The art expressed by an artist is and should be unique. Often art is judged based upon some predetermined set

Career Decisions?

CAREER DECISIONS? I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR is a U2 song with a very poignant meaning when it comes to career choice and transition. Experience and data show that many struggle with defining their passion, purpose and dreams. Why is it so difficult to make career and life decisions? Here are some

Negotiating Your Salary

Most of us were not born to negotiate. However, if you don’t negotiate something in the interview process, you will forever wonder if you could have gotten more. Most jobs do offer some room for negotiation which, of course, includes talking about the numbers but there is more to getting the best deal including: your

Have You Always Wanted To Own A Small Business?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. It’s one of the most exciting ways to take control of your career destiny. Millions of Americans dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Career transition – whether it’s planned or unplanned – is the perfect time explore those dreams. Don’t let them lie dormant any longer! FranNet

Resume Writing Basics

The resume is a written overview of your value. It conveys the impact, outcomes and benefits of your work and shares the contributions you have made. Specifically, it highlights the RESULTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of your work. In other words, it offers the “so-whatʼs” of your career and is a “drill” down process where you are

Is There a Job or Career Change in Your Future?

Youʼre thinking of embarking on a change in your career, whether it is on your own or due to a merger, acquisition or downsizing event at your company. I am sure you are asking yourself: Where do I start? What do I need to do? These are common questions every new job seeker faces. A few