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Resume Writing Basics

The resume is a written overview of your value. It conveys the impact, outcomes and benefits of your work and shares the contributions you have made. Specifically, it highlights the RESULTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of your work. In other words, it offers the “so-whatʼs” of your career and is a “drill” down process where you are

Is There a Job or Career Change in Your Future?

Youʼre thinking of embarking on a change in your career, whether it is on your own or due to a merger, acquisition or downsizing event at your company. I am sure you are asking yourself: Where do I start? What do I need to do? These are common questions every new job seeker faces. A few

Networking Basics

Getting your message out, or networking, represents approximately 95% of how people get jobs today, so it is critical to feel comfortable and confident doing it. Regardless of its success in the job search, most people have some fears or are hesitant to use it. To make networking a valuable part of your search, you

Interviewing Basics

Lights! Camera! Action! The interview is the single most important step in getting a job – it is the culmination of all your good planning and thorough preparation. Your resume initially got you noticed – and was the first step to getting your foot in the door. Now, you need to make a great first

Purposeful Networking Is All About Building Relationships

Most people start out networking by sending their resume to friends and colleagues along with a note saying, “Let me know if you run across anything”. The message is clear: “I want you to help me find a job.” This approach doesn’t give you the control you need nor does it encourage your friends to